NEW DISCOVERY - Sailboat Partnership


Two Partners, experienced in setting up Boat Partnerships have selected
the Windward Islands for a new partnership, based in Grenada/St Lucia. From this location you can sail to St Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe St Vincent and the Grenadines islands,. Most of Islands ​are separate nations, or a part of France or Britain; lots of diversity to explore!  And what a difference when it comes to restaurants and marinas!
Gourmet food, ethnic food, luxury accommodations: this is ​Caribbean in first class!   Did we mention the sailing? Typical sails between islands involve an exhilarating
20 - 40 miles, North-South routes with frequent winds above 20 knots. Moving to
the next island is something to plan and consider and consult the weather!
For us the attraction of the Windies and being based in Grenada/St Lucia is the better
balance between sailing and anchoring.  In the Virgins it is typically a short sail
to the next beach and then drop anchor for most of the day.
To accommodate this kind of sailing/cruising mix required a bigger and
​ more luxurious sailboat. We searched for many months and multiple surveys
before we settled on a 2007 Beneteau 423 which had never been chartered;
had only 380 hours (now 1200hrs) on a big Yanmar; had two A/C systems and a powerful Genset. We also, added, new Doyle sails, Mattress Topper Pads, fitted sheets,
bath and swim towels, 600 watt Solar panels, an Arch with Davits. If you have above average sailing experience, and the sound of a more challenging
sailing experience appeals, then you are kindred spirits with Dave and Steve.
Consider joining us.
A typical of the mix of our partnerships are, various states in the US, Canada and Europe.
​We would love a similar diverse mix of families for this partnership; it makes for a fun and interesting partnership. 

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