NEW DISCOVERY - Sailboat Partnership


Each year, before the new season, the managing partners will publish a list of all the time slots
available in the coming season. The time slots will all start on a Tuesday PM and end on a  Monday
AM, allowing 1 day for cleaning and service of the boat for the incoming partner. So each slot is
effectively 20 days, but this allows "pure sailing" pleasure for those 20 days.
Our experience in the last partnership, is that the last 2 days of our cruise were consumed with

finding fuel, laundry and cleaning to leave everything "ship shape" for the next partner.


* October 29th - November 19th, Low BOOKED

* November 20th - December 10th PeakBOOKED

* December 11th - December 31st, Peak BOOKED
* January 1st -January 21st, Peak BOOKED
​​​* January 22rd - February 11th, Peak BOOKED
​* February 12th - March 4th, Peak BOOKED
* March 5th - March 25th Peak BOOKED
​* March 26th - April 15th Mid BOOKED
* April 16th - May 6th Mid BOOKED 
* May 8th - May 27th Mid,  OPEN
* ​May 28th - June 17th Low BOOKED
* June 18th - July 8th Low BOOKED

The boat is hauled for the hurricane season and strapped down on the hard. Any major

service required will be performed in the summer while being stored.  The boat will be launched

for the new season the late October 2018.